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Bank’s claim against DPA sanction rejected by Bucharest Tribunal

On 16 April 2024, the Bucharest Tribunal ordered the rejection as unfounded of the administrative complaint lodged by a controller in the banking sector against the fine applied by the Romanian data protection authority (Romanian DPA). The background of this case: On 3 November 2023, the Romanian DPA announced a fine of EUR 3,000 imposed on a bank for failing to implement adequate technical and…
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The Bucharest Tribunal cuts in half the fines applied for violation of consent and erasure rules

  On 10 April 2024, the Bucharest Tribunal partially admitted the claim of an online retailer and reduced in half the initially applied fines. The court decision comes after in June 2023 this retailer has been sanctioned by Romanian DPA with: EUR 30,000 for the failure to comply with the GDPR rules on data subjects’ erasure right (reduced by the tribunal to EUR 15,000); EUR 10,0…


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Trying to patch up an old law, the EDPB adopts a new ePrivacy guidance

Author: Iurie Cojocaru
  It is hard to regulate technology. One of the reasons, amongst many others, is time. What you regulate today does not correspond to the technical landscape of tomorrow. Back in the first decade of 2000, when the ePrivacy Directive was adopted and amended, the European legislat…
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Romanian DPA Report – A Year in Review – 2022

Author: Iurie Cojocaru, Oxana Gorgan
  Romanian DPA case studies – our top 5 picks 1. Refusal to provide the contractual clauses which represent the safeguard for the data transfer to a third country Case study: A data subject complained about the refusal of a financial banking institution to provide …
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What are the personal data? A new CJEU case may settle things in a long dispute

Author: Iurie Cojocaru
As we all know, “personal data” represents information related to an identified or identifiable natural person. So how do you identify someone? By name or through an image, one would answer. But what happens when we do not know the name and the image of the person but we are able to …

Speaking engagements

This technology-inspired data abstract background is perfect for capturing the essence of the internet's vast expanse of information.

Iurie Cojocaru – speaker at the „GDPR – Data Privacy Observer 2024” conference

On January 25, Iurie Cojocaru, Partner and Head of the Data Protection Practice, was a speaker at the „GDPR – Data Privacy Observer 2024” conference. Iurie Cojocaru talked in the conference`s first session of discussions and shared information on the personal data protection requirements resulting from the EU`s Data Act, recently entered into force. Moreover, the third edition of the Romanian R…
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NNDKP organized an event dedicated to data protection

On Tuesday, November 21, NNDKP`s Data Protection practice organized an event focused on current issues in the field of data protection and security, an information and debate opportunity dedicated to clients. In an interactive discussion framework, the participants discussed topics of interest with NNDKP`s data protection team members and analyzed various situations encountered in practice, fac…
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Iurie Cojocaru – speaker at ZF Live

On Monday, November 6, Iurie Cojocaru, Partner and Head of the Data Protection Practice joined the ZF Live special edition, where he discussed together with Cristian Hostiuc about the ANSPDCP practice – favorite topics, the fields in which they have been applied sanctions and recommendations of the authority. The recording of the debate can be watched on Ziarul Financiar`s Facebook page. …