CNIL publishes white paper on voice assistants and data protection best practices


On 16 December 2020, the French DPA (“CNIL”) published a white paper regarding the use of voice assistants found in different devices such as smartphones, cars, and other smart gadgets used in day to day activities.
The white paper aims to clarify the ethical, technical, and legal issues of voice assistants while setting out the best practices for app developers, designers, and organizations wishing to launch such technologies. The CNIL also outlines the need for Privacy by Design in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR when developing voice assistants and the challenges with regard to users’ consent. Moreover, the white paper explains how end-users can implement good security practices in order to ensure the confidentiality of transmitted data or to protect children who might interact with smart devices.
The press release is available here, and the white paper is available here.