EDPB adopts several documents during its 46th Plenary session


On 10 March 2021, the EDPB announced the topics discussed and the documents adopted during its 46th Plenary session held on 9 March 2021.

In a nutshell, the EDPB adopted:

  • its two-year work program for 2021-2022, which follows the EDPB 2021-2023 Strategy and aims at putting its strategic objectives into practice;
  • a statement on the draft ePrivacy Regulation, emphasizing this Regulation must under no circumstance lower the level of protection offered by the current ePrivacy Directive and should complement the GDPR by providing additional strong guarantees for confidentiality and protection of all types of electronic communication. The statement is available here.
  • the public consultation version of the Guidelines on Virtual Voice Assistants (“VVAs”), which aim at identifying some of the most relevant compliance challenges for VVAs and to provide recommendations to relevant stakeholders on how to address them;
  • the final version of the Guidelines on Connected Vehicles, which focuses on the processing of personal data in relation to the non-professional use of connected vehicles by data subjects;
  • a joint EDPB-EDPS opinion on the Data Governance Act (“DGA”). In this opinion, EDPB and EDPS invite the co-legislators to ensure that the future DGA is fully in line with the EU personal data protection legislation, thus fostering trust in the digital economy and upholding the level of protection provided by EU law under the supervision of the EU Member States’ supervisory authorities. The press release on this topic is available here, and the opinion is available here.

The EDPB also discussed the draft UK adequacy decisions, which will be thoroughly reviewed, taking into account the importance of guaranteeing the continuity and high level of protection for data transfers from the EU.

The press release is available here.