Roxana Ionescu moderated the 4th episode of The Legal 500 Corporate Conversations

Roxana Ionescu, Head of NNDKP’s Data Protection practice, moderated the 4th episode of the Corporate Conversations webinar and podcast series – an initiative by The Legal 500.

In this episode, Roxana invited Gabriela Popescu (Legal Director at Microsoft Romania) to a discussion focused on the data privacy challenges in Romania and the essential role of General Counsels in digitalization processes, against the backdrop of the GDPR’s 3rd year anniversary and a lot of regulatory developments in the artificial intelligence, cloud and data transfers areas.

The main questions that were answered during this episode are:

  • What is the biggest data privacy challenge faced by companies in Romania?
  • What is the role of GCs in digitalization processes?
  • How do you see the topic of data transfers evolving in the next period?

In closing the discussions, Roxana gave an important piece of advice “Don’t fight the regulations, understand them and integrate them into your products, and that applies not only on technology but on all projects that involve the collection and processing of personal data; look at recommendations issued by authorities, but not only, look at best practices in the market and how to integrate them.”

You can watch and listen the episode on-demand here.

The episode is also available on usual podcast platforms such as Apple (here) or Spotify (here).

Corporate Conversations is a webinar and podcast series designed by The Legal 500, in which leading general counsels (GCs) engage in one-to-one interviews with leading private practice lawyers. In each episode participants dive deep into the legal topic in question and deliver contextualised, relevant and up-to-date information on critical issues in a concise 30-minute format. The series provides a great opportunity to compare the client’s view with that of an elite counsel.

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