Ilfov Tribunal admits the request for suspension of the temporary data processing ban imposed by the Romanian DPA on a political party


On 8 February 2024, the Ilfov Tribunal admitted a political party’s request for suspension of the temporary data processing ban and rejected as unfounded the objection of inadmissibility raised by the Romanian DPA.

As a result, the execution of the decision imposing the temporary data processing ban on the said political party has been suspended until the final resolution on the merits of the case. The interim ruling is legally enforceable and may be challenged within 5 days of its communication.

In this case, it appears from public sources other than the authority’s website that the Romanian DPA started the investigation ex officio, following an article published in the online press about a data breach related to the political party’s application. It also appears that there were two complaints from individuals about the same incident.

As a result of the investigation, one of the enforcement actions taken by the Romanian DPA against the controller seems to have been a temporary ban on data processing.