The Artificial Intelligence Act voted by the EU Parliament


The Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act) continues its path towards final adoption.

The draft regulation has been voted today (13 March) in the EU Parliament by a large majority (523 votes in favor, 46 against and 49 abstentions).

This comes after the EU Parliament and the EU Council reached a provisional agreement on the AI Act in December 2023, while in February this year, the representatives of the EU Member States in the EU Council voted in unanimity in its favor.

The AI Act will have to be now checked from a lawyer-linguist perspective and is anticipated to be finally adopted (through the so-called corrigendum procedure) until the end of this legislature (as the EU parliamentary election is scheduled to be held on 6 to 9 June 2024). The AI Act also has to be formally endorsed by the EU Council.

The AI Act will begin to apply two years after its entry into force, with some exceptions for specific provisions.

The text adopted today is available here.

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