Coronavirus: Stay healthy and be GDPR compliant

Roxana Ionescu and Madalina Bucur In the past months, coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak has been a major topic of interest worldwide and continues to be a source of concern for all businesses…
European telecommunication network connected over Europe, France, Germany, UK, Italy, concept about internet and global communication technology for finance, blockchain or IoT, elements from NASA


Below you may find answers to some of the most relevant GDPR-related questions in the COVID-19 disease context: Can a company implement a measure in order to take the temperature of employees w…
Cyber security and information network protection. Future technology network for business and internet concept. Earth element furnished by Nasa

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13.03.2023 - Chat ChatGPT Debate 25.01.2023 - GDPR – Data Privacy Observer conference 09.11.2022 - ZF Digital Summit 2022 – Scaling Up Romania High-Tech 11.11.2021 - ZF Digital Summit 202…